Our Story

It all started with one thing.

We feel that there is nothing more beautiful than having the confidence to love yourself first – no matter what. To honour yourself, just the way you are.

We all know that this isn’t easy. It seems impossible to keep up with social pressures and expectations that we know deep down, are unrealistic.

But let’s get real. We don't need to do everything right to live confidently. Confidence comes from within.

So maybe we just need to do one thing for ourselves. Then maybe another. And maybe another after that. But it all starts with one small thing.

At Honr., we call this the "one thing method".

Maybe, just maybe, it can be that easy.

These decisions, choices and changes add up over time and create a ripple effect of goodness around us. Your journey of self-respect, worthiness and confidence becomes an anthem for others.

Consider the impact of that.

Being confident in your own skin positively impact others. Their confidence grows and spreads… A wave of self-love that starts with you honouring your body, your life and on your terms.

Why Honr.?

For us, this journey started with a focus on ‘good for the body’ choices that we could feel good about – we began by making all-natural choices with our food, body and skin care, in our home and even in our careers…

We created Honr., because this journey led us to a life of authentic self-love, body confidence and feelings of worthiness – on our own terms – without other people telling us how we should look, who we should love, how we should celebrate our bodies.

So, why skin + body care?

Simple. Because it is one thing in our day that is consistent, that we can control, regardless of what is going on in our lives. It is the one thing we can do for ourselves, morning and night, that makes us feel good. And we want everybody to feel good and confident in their skin. 

Who is Honr.?

We are more than a company selling all-natural skin and body care products. We are a way of life. A choice. Change-makers that value inclusivity and celebrates YOUR BODY + EVERY BODY because we respect and celebrate our differences.

We are advocates for inclusivity and body-confidence for those that aren’t ready to speak up. We are YOUR champions and believe in YOUR message because it is also OUR message.

We will be your advocate until you are ready to advocate alongside us.

We promote self-confidence because we believe that real change needs to happen, and everyone deserves to feel confident with who they are.

We are a brand, and more importantly, we are people that promise to love you all equally because we Honr. every body.

With love and gratitude,

Paige, David + Craig