Working from home in your man cave can disrupt your self-care routine. It’s easy to let your routine slide when you no longer need to worry about spending time in the beginning of your day making sure your look is immaculate in every way: crisp business attire, perfectly styled hair, clear skin, and wearing just the right amount of cologne. Hell, when you work from home, all you need is a nice shirt ready to throw on when you need to attend a video call. And even then, it’s tempting to only join via audio. 

But, now that summer is here, you don’t want to come out of your man cave looking like a neanderthal. You want to show up as a man of honr ready to conquer the world. To make this easier, we’ve compiled a list of 5 key products every man needs in their bathroom. 


There’s a reason why this is first on the list, every man wants to make a good impression. And what better way to do that than with clear skin as it's a visible health marker and handsome style. No matter your skin type, every man should own a men’s face wash that will remove dead skin cells and eradicate impurities to reveal fresh skin, without stripping away natural oils. The best cleansers for men should contain naturally gentle exfoliants such as lactic acid and white willow bark, and hydrating ingredients like vitamin B5 and aloe vera. Look for a cleanser that’s gentle enough to be used twice daily so you receive maximize benefits. 


If you’re using a cleanser, you need a hydrator to optimize absorption of moisture into your skin to create a healthy, supple and glowing look. Key ingredients you should look for in a kickass hydrator include powerhouses like hyaluronic acids, pentavitin and gotu kola. All which work to pull H2O from the air infusing it into your skin cells for instant and long-lasting hydration. With a hydrator on hand, even the most unkempt man will look like a million bucks. 

Hair Product

Having a simple and quick hair routine is an undervalued asset to levelling up your style in under 5 seconds. All you need to do is run a comb through your hair and use a little style paste, and you’re ready to go. 

Body Moisturizer

Let's not forget about the rest of your body needing some TLC. It’s been cooped up, hasn’t seen the sun in 65 days and you’re probably wearing the same outfit since last Wednesday. Your body moisturizer should smell amazing, heal dry patches, offset environmental damage and restore your skin’s moisture. Ingredients should be rich in antioxidants and fatty acids to lock hydration into your dry skin, especially your over-washed hands! Don’t forget, the best part is the skin soothing properties of shea and cocoa butter. 


Here’s the honest truth, you can be the most attractive and talented man but if someone gets a whiff of your BO, it's a game changer. The sh*tty part, sweat is actually unscented by nature. What creates foul body odour is simply bacteria breaking down your sweat. The best way to combat smelly pits and overgrown bacteria is to use deodorant. The best Deodorant is designed to keep your body healthy by neutralizing bacteria, prevent you from smelling off-putting, all meanwhile complementing your natural pheromones with sexy scents.